Water & Storm Restoration

When it comes to dealing with flooding, humidity, burst pipes, and leaks, Plumbline Construction is second to none. Our team works fast to remove all traces of water and dry your home before additional damage can occur. Damage caused by water can lead to a cascade of further problems like bacteria, corrosion, electrical issues, foundation problems, and mold growth. To prevent serious damage, the water must be dealt with within 48 hours, so give us a call today to book your FREE estimate!

What Plumbline Can Do For You:

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Water Extraction

Sometimes a towel just won't cut it. A flooded home is no match for our team of professionals. We utilize specialized pumps to extract the bulk of the water to remove it as quickly as possible and prevent additional damage or mold growth in your home.


Water has a tendancy to want to overstay its welcome in your home. Even after the initial cleanup, moisture can remain beneath the floor, in the carpet, in the walls, and any other pourus surface in your home. This moisture can cling to the air, leaving your home feeling muggy and humid, and can also lead to massive mold growth. Our team will dry out your home using state of the art industrial fans that are strategically placed throughout your home to maximize efficiency and dryness.

Sewage Removal

Septic tank overflow? Sewage backup spilling into your home? A flood is bad enough, but matters only become more unpleasant when there's raw sewage in the mix. Don't worry, Plumbline has your back. Our team will extract any sewage water from your home and eliminate any unsanity odors and biologically harmful matter by thoroughly cleaning, decontaminating, deodorizing, and sanitizing all affected areas.

Content Removal & Storage

It's important that we remove any personal possessions and furniture from the home as soon as possible to reduce damage and prevent mold from building up. Let our team do all that heavy lifting! All of your items will be thouroughly cleaned and stored in a safe location until the job is done and your home has been restored to livable conditions.

Appliance Leak Cleanup

Has an appliance in your home created an unexpected mess? We can help! The most common culprits are water heaters, washing machines, dish washers, and air conditioners, and the amount of damage a leak from any one of them can do to your home can be tremendous if left unchecked. Our team will clean up the leak and provide complete restoration of the surrounding areas.

Preventative Maintenance

While we're addressing any water related issues in your home, we'll also help you prevent future problems by identifying areas that could lead to moisture build-up or leaks. We can build a fench drain along the side of your home to keep rain from building up at the base of your walls, install better gutters, repair or replace a leaky roof, and fortify your basement against excess moisture.

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FAQs About Water Damage

Contact your insurance company if you're planning to submit a claim.

Call Plumbline to find and eliminate the water source and begin cleanup.

Turn off circuit breakers in wet areas, unplug and remove any electrical devices on a wet surface.

Items should be removed from wet areas to prevent rust and stains and anything on wet carpet areas.

Aluminum foil can be placed under furniture legs to prevent staining and bleeding.

Drying time is determined by a combination of factors, including duration and source of water, the types of building materials, the weather conditions and how quickly emergency services begin.

We'll be able to give you a more accurate timeframe when we come to your property for a free estimate.

This will depend on outside weather conditions. If outside humidity levels are high it could worsen the problem.

Be sure to call and cut off any utilities to prevent any unnecessary costs or potential issues.

FAQs About Basements

Spraying may provide temporary relief, but a long term solution such as installing a dehumidifier is suggested.

Doing so may bring in damper or warmer air that would cause more condensation to form.

Remove all organic materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, clothing, and wood, which are food sources for mold.