Fire & Smoke Restoration

There are few things more devastating to a home than a house fire. When you're dealing with this loss, we want you to know that Plumbline Construction has your back. Not only will we handle the repairs, but we'll pack and restore any surviving contents in your home, and remove any trace the fire left behind, so you can focus on the important things. If your home has been affected by a fire, no matter how big or small, give us a call for a FREE estimate today!

What Plumbline Can Do For You:

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Fire Damage Board-Up

After a fire, your home may be more vulnerable to weather damage, pests, theft, and vandalism. Our team will work quickly and carefully to install temporary measures that will help keep your home protected, such as laying tarps and boarding up openings caused by the fire.

Content Removal & Storage

One of the first and most important things we do for you after a fire is gather up any surviving personal posessions and furniture for cleaning and storage. You'd be surprised at how much can be salvaged by a professional content cleaning crew. All of your items will be stored safely at a separate location until your house has been rebuilt or restored to a livable condition.

Smoke Residue & Soot Removal

Leave the dirty work to us! Smoke and soot can be tricky to deal with, and the extent of the damage isn't always immediately visible. Unlike flooding, smoke and soot damage are not confined to low-lying areas, but can affect multiple floors and areas with no apparent damage from the fire through HVAC ducts and plumbing chases. Our professionals will scour your home for any hidden damage and clean all of that nasty stuff out!

Odor Removal

All of the air freshener in the world won't put a dent in that terrible burnt smell. Smoke can creep into air ducts and leave residue and soot in its path, which spreads that smell all throughout your house, even after all visible traces have been cleaned. Not only does this result in an unpleasant odor, but it can potentially be hazardous to your health! We'll tackle any lingering odors at the source to get your house clean and healthy again.

Debris Removal

Depending on the severity of your house fire, you may have debris of varying sizes laying around your property. Some of these materials may be dangerous if handled incorrectly, or even still smoldering! Not to worry! We'll round it all up and dispose of all materials safely.

Pressure Washing

A fire can leave nasty black trails along the sides of brick and cement structures like walls, floors, and patios. Don't waste hours of your precious time scrubbing. Our team will blast it all away with top-notch pressure washers, leaving no trace!

On Site Drying and Dehumidifying

Many people don't even think about water damage after a house fire, but depemnding on the severity, your home could be more vulnerable to moisture build up, flooding, or even leaks caused by the fire. Our team will dry your house out with state of the art equipment to ensure you don't have to worry about water damage and mold growth on top of everything else!

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FAQs About Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

You may be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but unless you take the time to get professional advice, you may be wasting your efforts or creating further damage.

You can however take care of any personal effects first. Open all doors and windows if possible to let fresh air circulate through even if it is cold outside. Dry wet items as soon as possible. Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry carpets and draperies.

If you call Plumbline, you won't need to lift a finger other than to dial the phone. We can do all of this work for you, even sorting and relocating the property inside the home. Most insurance policies will cover this expense as a part of your policy.

Odors from smoke will remain long after the fire and continue to cause problems if they are not removed.

Professional fire restorers and/or dry cleaners use "counteractants," chemicals or additives that break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors. The type of counteractant used will vary with the type of material affected by the fire. Counteractants may be professionally applied to furniture, carpets and draperies. Sometimes use of an ozone treatment is needed to break up smoke molecules and eliminate odors.

Depending on the damage, replacement of insulation could be mandatory or optional. Insulation may retain odors and it may be necesary to replace even if it wasn't burnt.

Keep in mind that most household deodorizing sprays and disinfectants provide only temporary relief. In addition, deodorizing sprays may interact with smoke odor and create an additional odor.

After a fire, one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed concerns anything electical, such as appliances and electronics while water is present. All breakers should be off.

Be sure you are taking the proper precautions to not breathe contamintaed air while inside by wearing protective masks and ventalating the home. Do not turn on your furnace or air conditioning units as this may affect the ducts and contibute to further air pollution.

Be sure to call and cut off any utilities to prevent any unnecessary costs or potential issues such as a gas leak.